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Cw Food 

Welcome to Grilltown USA, population Minty.
You Can Call Me Grill Mommy

My headmate adora saw a pro overwatch streamer and now she's obsessed with becoming a pro gamer

I know that this is a hot take, but more ttrpg's shouldn't be afraid of making absolutely inane batshit crazy mechanics that make the book like 600 pages.
I know it bogs down game time but sometimes it's FUN to go searching for a single rule or page to try and remember something. (at least to me)

Honestly I'm still not sure why they chose me other than the fact that I "know the lore"
but also I'm REALLY proud of the original stuff I made.
that being said, I hit my word goal E X A C T L Y and I am satismint

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Finished up a ttrpg related project for a BIG developer.
Time to sit around and STRESS that I did something wrong.


Increasingly losing the will to work as it has now been over a month since they've paid me and there is nothing that I can do without fear of losing this job.

I think waking up next to my wife might be nice


TIL that the Pogchamp guy is a GOP covid denier and im not sure what to do with this information

I wake up.
I play the vriska in ttrpg.
I vibe.
I run into a dangerous situation and start yelling loudly and say "Mindfang, for lack of a better term, desires to steal the spotlight"

Someone called me a hacker tonight and that felt really good.

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Remember Mike Bloomberg.
I hate this year.

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