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the only thing I have to promote is The fanfic I've written about June egbert coming out largely set in my own experiences as a plural trans woman.

I am now thinking about the cultural event known as blaseball

I want those shitty auto generated shirts that have a name on them but for Adora


My name is adora and I like it and I'm just happy that for once in my life I have an article of clothing that has my name on it

rewatchin she-ra.
suggestive i guess but not super?

anyway i forgot what lighthope looked like because all my braincells were simply used up on catradora.
#KCmemes #spop


i am rubbing my greedy plural hands and making all the characters you love plural (in homestuck)

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me (adora) Making communist propaganda for the homestuck masses.

You know I think that blaseball proves one thing and it's that people will care a lot more about sports if you give them the ability to fight God.


Thinking about how magic went 2-1 against the Hades Tigers

Am I a man or a muppet musical number but "am I a fan or a simp"

catradora fantasize animation #WIP #ArtPlatyprocess
the shitpost chibis are placeholders..... I think.
gotta finish this sometime. doubly so because catradora canon. disaster girl rights.

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